Training Institute for Parental Burnout

About Isabelle Roskam (CV): mother of five, she is a Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Louvain in Belgium and Doctor of Psychological Sciences.

Isabelle worked for ten years as a clinician at the Saint Luc University Clinics in Brussels, in the neuropediatric unit, before devoting herself to the study of parental burnout.  At the same time, Isabelle directed the H2M Children research program on the development and care of difficult children.

Training Institute for Parental Burnout

About Moïra Mikolajczak (CV): Moïra is the mother of little Louise, a Doctor of Psychological Sciences, and a Professor of Medical and Health Psychology at the University of Louvain in Belgium.

Before starting her research and studies on parental burnout, Moïra directed a large research and training program on emotional competencies and stress management. She also contributed to the creation of Moodwork, an international platform to help people improve their mental health in the workplace.

The beginning

In 2015, Isabelle and Moïra combined their expertise and initiated a large research program to shed light on the nature, causes, consequences, and treatment of parental burnout.

They founded the International Investigation of Parental Burnout (IIPB), a research consortium that now brings together 45 countries. It is dedicated to examining the conceptual validity, prevalence, and intercultural variation of parental burnout throughout the world.

With the collaboration of their team, the consortium, many researchers, and of course parents from all over the world, Moïra and Isabelle have greatly contributed to the development of this field of research.

They have published the results of their work in numerous scientific articles and four books, one for parents (in French, Le Burnout parental: l’éviter et s’en sortir, ed. Odile Jacob) and the others for professionals. You can find more details on this website https://www.burnoutparental.com/publications.


About the Training Institute for Parental Burnout

It is thanks to their research, publications, and experience that Isabelle and Moïra decided to co-found the Training Institute for Parental Burnout (presented on this website) and the Parental Burnout Research Lab. These are two worldwide reference centers for parental burnout, that they have been co-directing since 2019.

The Training Institute for Parental Burnout offers in-person and online training to professionals around the world.

Their BParent research program allows Moïra and Isabelle to develop scientifically and empirically grounded content for their training courses. This program focuses on the nature, the etiology, the consequences, and the treatment of parental burnout.

Moïra and Isabelle’s mission

Isabelle and Moïra want to share their knowledge with professionals that deal with exhausted parents. This is their mission with the Training Institute for Parental Burnout.

In particular, they want to ensure that burnt-out parents can find expert professionals because this syndrome needs to be treated by psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, educators, or nurses with an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

There are many myths and beliefs about parental burnout that lead to problematic practices. Since parental burnout can have disastrous consequences on the parent, on the couple, and on the children, quality training is essential for professionals that deal with this type of illness.

Solving parental burnout is possible! Isabelle and Moïra’s research proves it, and through their specially designed training, they want to share their practices and their knowledge with any professional in this field across the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or please check our professional online training for parental burnout here!

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