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You may have already seen Isabelle and Moïra in the press & media. They regularly intervene as experts in parental burnout, whether in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, or the United States and Canada.

If you missed them, don’t worry! You can check out some of their interviews and article excerpts at any time from the links below.

Find some of the latest articles of Isabelle and Moïra in the press & media:

New York Times (USA)

How to Avoid Burnout When You Have Little Ones

How to Recognize and Beat Parental Burnout

Why Your Brain Feels Broken



Parental burnout: It’s really a thing



Could you be suffering from parental burnout?

Avoiding parental burnout

The New Scientist (USA)

Parental burnout is on the rise, says psychologist Moira Mikolajczak


The Times (the UK)

Parental burnout — it’s time to take it seriously


Le Monde

En courant après un modèle de perfection, les parents creusent leur propre tombe


France Television

The eye and the hand

REPLAY – Le burn out parental – La Maison des Maternelles

Burn out parental : comment s’en sortir ? – La Maison des Maternelles


Le Point (France)

Do you work part time? Beware of parental burn-out!


Le Nouvel Obs

Confined 24 hours, how to avoid parental “burnout”


Globe and Mail (Canada):

I’m burned out after weeks distancing at home. How can I find some balance?


Le temps (Suisse)

Parents, gare au burn-out


La Presse (Québec)



France Inter

Quand les parents craquent… Qu’est exactement le burn-out parental ? Quelles sont ses conséquences sur soi et sa famille ? Comment éteindre l’incendie ?


Radio Canada

Aucune famille n’est à l’abri de l’épuisement parental


Radio Television Suisse (RTS)

By dint of wanting to do well with my children, I got completely lost



Parental burn-out: how to recognize it? How to cope ?

Confinement: the daily life of Belgians is upset with Moïra Mikolajczak

Olivier Delacroix : Burn-out maternel : comment en sortir ?

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